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Welcome to my web site.
This is a collection of memories from my travels and some of my portrait and studio work.

Please note that there are NSFW images in some of the galleries.  These galleries are only accessible from the NSFW Galleries Index page.  If you do not wish to see NSFW images please do not visit these pages.

Originally from London and now based in South Bedfordshire, I've been taking photographs since 1954.  I currently use Nikon and Fuji cameras.  I don't have any speciality, I like to do a bit of everything as the fancy takes me.

I started my digital journey in 2002.  I love monochrome images.  I primarily take photographs for myself, but hope you will like some of them too.  If you do, the images on this site except those of models are available for sale.

I occasionally take on assignments that I can fit in with my other commitments.

I'll be adding more images and pages to this web site, particularly the vintage lens pages as I'll be adding more lenses to my collection and adding more pictures taken with my existing lenses.
Portraits and Studio

I shoot models in the studio and on location.

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Models Gallery>

More of my pictures can be found on my ClickASnap profile https://www.clickasnap.com/profile/dabhand16

All of my ClickASnap pictures in one place:  https://www.clickasnap.com/search?query=dabhand16

All site content is the copyright of Graham Owen
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