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Sekonic L-308s Exposure Meter

Sekonic L-308s Exposure Meter

Immaculate condition and working perfectly. No box but has protective pouch and instructions.

Uses 1 x AA battery.

Post to UK only.

£100 inc RMSD.

Debaou SU 800 Wireless Flash Controller for Nikon

This unit does not require a receiver to be fitted to the flash gun(s).

It is an equivalent to the Nikon SU 800. If you use off camera flash with your Nikon speedlights the built-in commander mode will allow control of your speedlights, but the Debaou unit is more powerful than the pop-up or the Nikon SU 800 and it also swivels on the hotshoe.

If your camera does not have commander mode for the pop-up flash, or if you do not have a pop-up flash, this device will allow remote setting of your Nikon flashguns. Unlike the cameras that do have commander mode, this unit has 3 groups where the camera only has 2.

Supports exposure compensation, bracketing, I-TTL, AA, Manual and Repeat modes. FV, AEL, High Speed Sync and modelling flash. Test flash facility.

AF Assist lamp, Rotatable body.

3 Groups, 4 channels. Each group can be set independently to any mode or off.

Uses 2 x AA batteries.

Works with SB 600, SB 800, SB 900, SB 910 and maybe other Nikon models with IR control and other brands dedicated to Nikon that have IR control.

The Nikon SU 800 is currently £320 in WEX, I'm asking £45 for my immaculate Debaou SU 800 inc postage. Complete with a velvet case and full instructions. No box or original instructions as these were in Chinese! I printed the English version from the internet.

£45 inc postage to UK only.