Luton & Dunstable Photographic Club
Luton & Dunstable Photographic Club. Uniquely, we meet twice a week and do not shut down in the Summer. All of my studio pictures were taken here.

Ken Payne Digital - Photoshop Training
If you are looking for Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or Lightroom tutorials Ken's site has to be your fist port of call. He has a huge number of tutorials covering from older versions of Photoshop Elements to the latest Photoshop CC. Lightroom users are also catered for.

Full details of what is available are on the web site along with sample tutorials that can be viewed in your web browser. DVDs with multiple tutorials are available at very reasonable prices as well as some tutorials that can be purchased individually for less than £1! Either way, they are great value.

Simon Revill Photography
When one of my Sons asked me to do the photography for his wedding I could hardly refuse, but deep down I knew it would be difficult, and I would have to get someone else to do the bride getting ready and the formal pictures that I had to be part of.

After giving it some thought I made the decision to get a professional in to photograph the whole wedding. The question was, who?

The MPPS, a photographic society that I’m a member of has many wedding photographers, and the web site that I run (Pixalo below) has quite a few wedding photographers as members. Over the years I’ve seen a lot of their work. Amongst them all, one consistently stood out, and I’m delighted to say that he has agreed to photograph the wedding.

Simon Revill Photography. Simply the best.

He does more than just weddings too! Check out his website.

This is my Purpleport page. Purpleport is a site where photographers and models can get together to create great images. The site also has make up artists, designers and artists too.

Backcountry Galleriy
I stumbled on this site a while back. Run by Steve Perry, it is a treasure box of great articles and information. The site has his blog and a link to his YouTube channel. Before long I'd bought his e book 'Secrets to the Nikon AF System' and found it a great read. Clear, detailed and objective, Steve's writing style makes reading it a real pleasure, and he knows the Nikon system backwards - and then some! Although he is a Nikon user, his techniques can be applied to any camera make and his Photoshop tips are, of course, universal.
A Blog on Macro Photography, Technique and Photos by ChrisA

iLux Studio Lighting
iLux studio kit is high quality and unbelievable value for money. I'm more than happy with my Elinchrom studio lighting, but if I were starting again now I'd be buying iLux.

Pixalo - the best, friendliest photo web-site on the web.